Friday, May 25, 2012

Hydrangea Glowing Embers, Great for Tulsa!

Small, compact bushy growth...this mini hydrangea has it all. Beautiful rich dark pink compact blooms and lovely small dark green leaves. Repeats with frequent deadheading. Blooms last longer than the larger varieties of hydrangea. Seems to flower well in deep shade. Enjoy mixing with Hosta, Heuchera and even Ferns!

Friday, May 18, 2012

What's Blooming in Tulsa? Plant Recipe: Lavender and Hydrangeas

Lavender and Hydrangeas! Yes they can bloom together! Hydrangeas with proper watering will take the same amount of sun necessary for the Lavender to bloom. I use Morning sun till about 2, then protection is needed from the blazing afternoon sun. The Lavender thrives right next to the Hydrangea. Good drainage is important to both plants so use an incline or build up the area. Good Luck and Happy Planting!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tulsa Plant Recipe: Itoh Peony and Columbine

This combination is lovely using any of the Itoh peonies and columbine. The early cool spring temperatures assist in this marvel of this plant recipe .Light pink double dandy Itoh peony, one of my favorites is great in full or partial sun. Partial morning sun is great for the columbine in Tulsa, whereas the too extreme west afternoon  sun will shut down the delicate columbine.

Yumi Beauty Itoh Peony, great for Oklahoma gardens

Large double flowering Peony in a clear yellow. Strong sturdy stems support this flower. plant size is 24" to 30" tall and wide. Dark green mounding foliage is beautiful all summer long. Loves full to partial sun and regular watering. Itoh peonies were first hybridized in the 1940's by Japanese Itoh breeder Toichi Itoh who crossed the herbaceous peony with the a tree peony. These peonies have great vigor, large flowers up to 7" across, strong stems for cutting and long lasting blooms.